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im laughing so hard bc this line was in a 4KIDS dub i cannot BELIEVE 

Zankyou no Terror

So, it’s 2:45 AM and I just marathoned ZnT and yeah, it was a great anime, but the ending made me freakin cry. Now, I can’t get to sleep because all I can think about is, “what if they survived”, “what if they didn’t show who they were”, etc.

It was so bittersweet, especially etting to see them having fun (especially 9) and I was yelling and cussing at my laptop screen with that person in the bed talking to the detective (trying not to spoil it)

Overall, I love this anime and I know I have to watch it again since I got my mom into it to…I’ll need more tissue.










'irina is a muslim name'
it’s actually an orthodox russian name but okay

"is lamia a real curse"

good fucking bye

"slade is a total douchebag"

ikr im such a dick

"hannah is a palindrome"

well duh

elijah is a man of like passion

"Mackenzie is awesome"

I have to agree.

Kayla is a machine

…..I’m a robot?

hillary is a cash-basis calendar-year taxpayer


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Chapter 691 of Naruto

I enjoyed it, although I couldn’t really see the last few pages right, because of how much I was crying. I mean, that was beautiful and heartbreaking, ugh…if I cry just from reading, imagine what watching it will be like and getting to hear Naruto and Minato’s voices on the scene, the father-son interaction, it’ll be a puddle of tears…not ready at all.

When that episode comes out, I’ll just lock myself in the room, with lots of tissue and maybe ice cream.

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