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what are important things you need to know when making a clan?


This may be the most basic writing/developing tip, but start with the end first. Where do you want to “go” with the clan, and how do you want them to be in the current time period? Are they wiped out? Are they super strong/politically influential? Once you have an idea of how you want your clan to end up, you can then go back to the beginning and let the story go! It’s much easier to develop something if you have a “goal” or end in sight!

From there, you can also think about the technicalities of a clan, such as:

Name. Self explanatory that your clan will need a name, but you can also go further and have given names fall under a specific “must have,” such as every Senju male name ending in -ma.

Abilities. What does the clan specialize in? This includes Kekkei Genkai, dominant nature transformations, jutsu, fighting style, etc. Then how this affects the clan: are they targeted by others (even in their own village), dis/respected, or beneficial to their village? That will, of course, change a lot of the politics of the clan.

History. I see some OC clans have “legends” behind them (i.e., their abilities coming from a sage or whatever) which I think is pretty cool! Totally optional though - however, it’s important to work out how the clan was when they were first founded. When were they founded? How was their founding different from how they are now (because they will change)? Who were the leaders? How did they lead - well? dangerously? did politics destroy the clan? And if they were part of the warring states era, how were they in war? Did they join a shinobi village? When? Was the clan for it? (do not make them on par with the Senju and Uchiha, and try to vary your clan a bit in their history!)

Politics. Really, how they function. Within the clan, are they a democracy? How do they function politically in the village? - that can be like the Uchiha being the police force in Konoha, or your clan can be political advisers, etc. What do they value - strength, knowledge, peace? Are they an aggressive clan, defensive, or passive? How does that affect how they’re treated/their positions in a village? Are members allowed to marry outside of the clan? Do they live in the same settlement, or are they spread out? Do they trust others or not? The list goes on and on, but that’s the gist of it! These tend to be more nit-picky things, but they’re important for development!

From there, you go on with their story and how they ended up where they are! Just like an OC, clans need to be balanced and developed thoroughly, but most importantly, have fun with it! You have a lot of freedom with OC clans!!

I know that this is long, but I hope it’s somewhat helpful! :)



Naruto click and drag game! ~

oh god why to half of those T-T. lisaleepersonal

Oddly enough, first time doing this…strange results.

Best friend: Sai (I’m cool with this)

Rank: Medical-nin (again cool with this)

Rival: Neji (…no words, I’m still messed up about him)

Lover: Kiba (Eh, that’s alright)

Clan: Hyuga (I’m alright with that)

Has a crush on you: Kazuku (…creepy)

Chakra Nature: Dark

Cockblock: Iruka (you know, that makes sense. I could see him as a cockblocker)

Affiliation: Akatsuki (Well, that’s a recipe for diaster)

(Source: sasukeeuchiha)

Any Japanese Language School Information?

Hi, I’ve been thinking about learning Japanese for my second language (my first is English) for a while and I finally decided to go to a language school in Japan. I decided on going through, but I haven’t yet decided on a school, though I have (sorta) narrowed it down to a few schools and I was wondering if anybody has been to or knows anybody who either went to or visited one of these schools and could tell me about their experiences or opinions on them.

Arc Academy in Osaka, Yoshida institute, Intercultural institute of Japan, Akamonkai, KAI language school, JSL Nippon Academy in Okinawa and Genki JACS.

Honestly, I know that I would like to take the JLPT, but I may want to go to a Japanese University (depending on whether or not I like Japan enough to live there) and even though I haven’t really thought much about universities there, it is not out of the question, either. I also know that I want to go for at least a year and 3 months maybe longer.

Also, if you could tell me about the surrounding area around the school and what the prefecture is like, that’d be great too. I know I’m looking online at this information, but I’d like to get information from all different areas just to check and see other opinions. Or if you have any tips for me that’d be great too (this will be my first time going to a foreign country by myself).

If there are any other language schools that you think I should check out or you liked that I don’t have on the list, let me know and I’ll check it out. I probably won’t be going for another year or so, but I like to check things out way in advance so I know what to look for/getting into.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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